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Website Boutique simplifies website design with professionalism and quality. Our clear methodical process promotes clear communication for a rewarding client experience. 


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1. Getting started

Clients must complete a briefing form detailing project needs, including page lists, product collections, functionalities, and budget. A basic hand-drawn sitemap suffices for simple websites, while complex or eCommerce sites require a formal sitemap in planning and budgeting. We use tools like Octopus and GlooMaps for sitemap creation.


2. Pricing

Draft quotes and timelines are refined after reviewing the client’s assets and sitemap. For simple projects or budgets under $2,500, we offer blocks of ten hours with an extra 2 hours free, paid upfront. For projects over $4,000, a detailed critical path timing plan is provided. Smaller projects will have stages communicated via email but will still include essential milestones for transparency and project tracking. Complex designs may be billed on a time and materials basis.

3. Planning

Clients collaborate with our team to choose a platform (WordPress/WooCommerce or Shopify) and design (custom or templates provided by DIVI). We discuss additional features like social feeds, maps, and booking systems, design preferences, and the involvement of external designers. Custom designs can be co-created with our designers for a mobile-friendly result, while template options offer a quicker, cost-effective route with minor customisations billable by the hour. The final quote and timeline depend on the submitted design quality, crucial for planning.

4. Design and build

The custom web design phase, encompassing sitemap creation to align with the client’s brief and considering web accessibility and SEO, may take 4 to 12 weeks depending on design complexity. This includes two to three rounds of revisions for client satisfaction. The website build, following design approval, typically spans 4 to 8 weeks. Clients may opt for a full build review or interim checks. Initial build stages focus on essential tasks like navigation and page setup. For straightforward WordPress or Shopify sites, the foundational build lasts 2 to 4 weeks. Additional complex functionalities, quoted separately, may prolong the timeline, starting with an MVP and adding features in subsequent phases.


5. Finishing up

At this stage, clients perform a final thorough review, while we complete SEO tasks, including image alt text, link titles, SEO page titles, meta descriptions, and proper header tags. We also ensure accessibility for inclusivity and legal compliance. Our collaboration with clients continues to refine the website.

In the final testing phase, we methodically check each website element, from the homepage to the footer, for accuracy and functionality, including grammar, links, and layout. We assess performance for fast loading times and use tools like Yoast for SEO checks. For relaunches, we prepare for URL redirects.

Clients are also invited to test, especially for e-commerce functionalities. After joint testing and resolution of any issues, the website is ready to go live.

6. Pushing live

Before going live, we use Google PageSpeed Insights and the Lighthouse Chrome Dev tool for performance checks, ensuring speed and user experience best practices. Lighthouse provides a report for further optimisation.

The launch takes 2-6 hours, depending on the host and domain provider. We handle domain mapping and redirects. It may take up to two weeks for Google to index the new site. Our quotes allocate 4-6 hours for the launch.

Post-launch, we conduct final checks on site speed, functionality, and compatibility across devices and browsers. We ensure all links, images, and interactive elements work, including third-party integrations like email marketing and analytics. Our goal is to provide a seamless user experience.


7. Additional services

For additional support, we offer services to set up Yoast SEO for Shopify and WordPress, Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Instagram and Facebook shopping, Google Shopping, Shopify Markets, Email Marketing, and Google My Business. These enhance online presence, marketing, and website performance.


8. Post-launch training & support

We offer bespoke training, such as in-person sessions and custom video tutorials for your new website. Video training is especially beneficial as a reference tool. These tutorials will help you fully understand and efficiently manage your site, optimising your online presence.

We offer managed hosting via our parent company, CodeLab Pty Ltd, but clients can also choose their own hosting. Our service is recommended for its close monitoring and support, swift bug fixes, and direct contact without delays. Additionally, we provide a regular maintenance service to update and keep your website secure.